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One such skill that most people do not have, but which we could benefit from, is simple and effective time management. Life is moving along at 800 miles per hour and, for the most part, we are not prepared for what is thrown in our direction at any random moment. Because of a lack of preparedness most people panic when faced with a decision that is outside of what their allotted time affords. At its most basic core, time management offers us techniques for planning the use of our time. This allows us to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our time, whether it is our personal or business lives that need organization. Time management need to be completely integrated in to our lives in order to truly succeed. There are various tools on the market that will aid us in our endeavor to be effective time managers; in fact, many time management techniques are tied to specific tools and may end up conflicting with the advice offered by competing ideas. Subtle and obvious nuances give each one their own persona. However, what appears to be the common denominator of most techniques is the use of simple “to-do lists.” These lists give us a basic overview of what we are required to do as well as allow us to properly prioritize our various endeavors; they are constant reminders of what we need to accomplish in order to reach a specified goal. The goals that time management helps us achieve do not have to be lofty. They can be something as simple as the desire to have a weekly dinner menu crafted each week so that we know what food needs to be purchased at the supermarket. We can also aim for the stars by desiring to be a millionaire by age 25. No matter what our ambition is, effective time management will help us obtain it. Being effective at time management takes hard work and dedication to certain techniques, however the payoff in the end is worth every

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