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Communication is Key People are defined by their various attributes, or their skills, and while some come natural others are learned. I think one of the most important skills a person would benefit from learning in their lifetime is the ability to communicate in a clear, convincing, and professional manner. The ability to communicate is not only beneficial but is somewhat required in the professional world as it is in our day to day lives. It is from this ability we are able to deliver our ideas to our co-workers and customers, our friends and family, and even the attractive girl met out at the bar. In fact, there are very few circumstances in life we would not benefit from being able to present our ideas so as to appeal to others in a manner they both understand and appreciate. Now, it’s not enough to simply know how to use proper English and flashy words as this does not appeal to everyone the same way. There are so many different kinds of people out there; in fact it may be safe to say no two people are actually the same that we must learn not only to communicate with people but ratherto communicate with each person we meet. Since each person sees things slightly differently part of the ability to communicate is the ability to read each person and decide how to speak to them so as to be as convincing as possible; how to make the biggest impact to that person. While some people prefer to keep the small talk to a minimum others prefer to thoroughly discuss each topic. Some people are trusting while others are suspicious. Different things appeal to each person and being as I am in sales I have had to master trying to size-up my customers at a glance and find what I think will best put them at ease. Sometimes it is as simple as identifying body language while other times there is a fair amount of discussion required, before you can decide how to best

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