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2.2 Skill Learning Jonty McCool When pursuing my goal of a non-dominant handed gridiron throw, I began at the cognitive stage as I could only hit my target 4 times out of 10. I knew I was at this stage as I had little knowledge and understanding of the skill prior to picking up the ball. I continued at this stage, as I didn’t progress and made a lot of errors. I repeated my goal of hitting as many targets as I could out of 10 to see if I could get some sort of natural progression just by simply repeating the movements over and over again in order to get the temporal patterning and muscle memory of the movement. However this was stopped short due to my shoulder, where a sharp pain began to develop. This either meant that my right…show more content…
I knew that the optimal angle of release was 45 degrees from horizontal. What I found it beneficial was in follow through of the throw; if I pointed my hand in the direction of where I thought 45 degrees was then the ball would more than often travel in that desired direction. Video analysis would have also been helpful at this point as I could slow down the movement and watch where my arm is when the ball was released. I gathered that due to my strong understanding of force summation I didn’t need to concentrate as much on the speed of release. The height of release was something that I found to be a major part of the error making, as it varied from throw to throw. It meant that I could not be definite on how hard I had to throw the ball to make my target. I discovered that if I fully extended my arm at the point of release I could gain maximum distance due to the ball not having to travel as far. From here I continued doing massed practiced as I had discovered and fixed my previous errors. I thought it was more beneficial using mass practice compared to distributed practice as I was no longer at the cognitive stage and I had a fair understanding of what I needed to do. This helped me gain the correct muscle memory, and I began to slowly progress in terms of consistency. I was now hitting my target a minimum of 6 times out of 10, which meant I was still at the associative stage. I felt as though I wasn’t progressing as fast as what I previously was, as I had little left to work on and any minor errors I needed to fix would come together through massed
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