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Oxford brookes university | SKILLS AND LEARNING STATEMENT (SLS) | | | | An Analysis of Business And Financial Performance Of INDUS MOTOR COMPANY LTD | Presented b Registration no Word count: 1939 | Q. What did you learn from the meetings with your project mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your project mentor? Meeting with Mentor: I planned for Oxford Brookes University project and my first step in this direction was to download and go through the ‘Information Pack’ available on the ACCA’s website. After that, for this purpose I requested Miss Dureshewar to be my project mentor who is also my manager. In order to take her time for guidance I made few points for the first meeting which are: * Selection of the subject for my analysis * type of action needed * and estimate time for addressing each area of the topic First Meeting: In first meeting with my project mentor I discussed short listed topics for the purpose of Research and Analysis Project (RAP). She told me that in selecting a topic for the RAP I should pay particular attention to my areas of personal interest and core competencies. After analyzing my strengths and weaknesses, I finally decided to work for the analysis of financial and business performance over three years and chose Indus Motor Company Ltd (IMCL) as the company which formed the basis of whole project. After deciding the topic, next phase was the methodology that I would use for my research report. And my mentor gave me some suggestions about research methodology because I had vague plan about valuable methodology. She told me research can be done in numerous ways, from chronological to descriptive to analytical, from qualitative to quantitative, from explanatory to predictive, from theoretical to applied research. Aims and objectives of the

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