Skiing By Paul Evans Summary

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In the article Skiing into oblivion that appeared in a weekly metropolitan magazine in March 2008, writer Paul Evans tackles the ongoing issue of our planet’s extravagant use of our natural resources, and how we are becoming increasingly motivated by the need to attain unrealistic lifestyles driven by consumerism. A concerned and passionate Evans appeals to our sense of fear, relying on emotive language, generalisations and anecdotal evidence to convince his audience that we must do something now, rather than ‘tomorrow’. Opening with a ‘wry’ anecdote, Evans expresses his concern over the increasing amount of baby boomers ‘SKIing’. The anecdote about people ‘indulging and enjoying’ luxurious lifestyles is used to show how we are increasingly becoming affected by ‘consuming the planet’s resources’, that will leave tomorrow’s generation with nothing. Immediately the reader is drawn in, as the reader (the general adult audience) is forced to question whether or not they’re SKIers. Furthermore, the ‘Spending the Kids’…show more content…
Evans makes the assumption that it is ‘imperative that we have the latest toy.’ Likewise, he attacks city dwellers, claiming that ‘many [of them] choose to drive gas-guzzling cars’. These two generalisations, although they seek to highlight the awful state of our country, and the misuse of our vital resources, also has the potential to get the reader off side- especially if they are the owner of a ‘gas-guzzling’ four wheel drive. Furthermore, Evans uses sarcasm when arguing that resolving to save water by using a bucket in the shower is minimal, compare to walking or using public transport to get to work. Evans suggests, that ‘there’s only so much inconvenience we are willing to tolerate!’ The reader is asked to either take responsibility for contributing to the degradation of our environment, or in a much cynical response- given a scapegoat for what is, overall, much larger, and widespread
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