Skeletal System Essay

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The Skeletal System Abstract The skeletal system is the foundation of the human body. It consists of different sizes and shapes all of which contributes to the movements of the body. Our bones have multifunctional and life sustaining features which include: protection of the vital organs, stores important minerals, produces red blood cells and provides point of attachment for the muscular system. The skeletal system influences our activities of daily living, everything that we do in a daily basis like bathing, feeding, and functional mobility affects each individuals in order to be productive and most importantly, to survive. Diseases such as Arthritis, affects all across the lifespan. Both from children to adults suffer from this chronic pain disease. Occupational therapy clinicians will provide therapeutic intervention for those who suffer from arthritis by means of promoting health and wellbeing along with proper guidance and education. The skeletal system is one of the most unique organ systems, and the foundation of the human body. KEYWORDS: Skeletal system, Arthritis, muscles, activities of daily living. The skeletal system is one of the most unique organ systems in the human body as it compliments other organ system such as the muscles. The skeletal system consists of various sizes and shapes that add characteristics for support and mobility of the body. Our bones provide protection to our vital organs such as the heart and the brain. The skeletal system is the main foundation of the human body, without this, we cannot function as human beings. “Many parts of the skeletal system help the body to move. Tendons connect to muscle to bone; ligaments connect bone to bone. Bones meet each other at joints” (Kelly, 2004). The muscular system and the skeletal system compromise each other when it comes to movements. The bones provide a point of

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