Sizwe Dead But Robert Comes To Life Essay

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What do we have to go through during our lives to carry the honorable name of “the human being”? Everyone in the world has his own story; sometimes it is a pleasant joyful way, but black people of South Africa mostly had no choice and had to live a heavy, almost slavery-like life. Athol Fugard, the author of Sizwe Bansi is Dead, decided to represent events in such a way that we see the last scene at the beginning, in order to give us a chance to plunge into the life that surrounds the main character. But still there are some key moments that could explain us how the main character has changed during the story. The first significant point is when the main character, Sizwe Bansi, leaves his wife and four children in King William’s Town. According to the author, Bansi makes this difficult decision because there is no work in this town except dangerous mines “where many black men get killed when the rocks fall” (Fugard 26). The comprehension of the responsibility for his family forces him to leave his native town. This act reminds me of my own country, where a lot of men left abroad in order to support their families. It is not hard to believe in this story for a person who immigrated from a third-world country and this story really looks like the actual one. Generally speaking, I also left my parents abroad in order to find a safe place where I could find a worthy job. The next major event is the raid against illegal residents in Port Elizabeth, where Bansi lives in his friend Zola’s apartment. Fugard describes that during this raid Bansi is caught, and later the worker of the Labour Bureau places a stamp in his passbook. This stamp means a lot for Bansi because it orders him to comeback to King William’s Town in three days (22). He could not stay in Port Elizabeth any longer, which means an end for his expectations, and the next raid will forcibly send him back,

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