Sixth Sense Essay

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How does the mise-en-scene within the opening sequence of Sixth Sense (1999) set up the narrative expectations for the remainder of the film? Mise-en-scene is a term that was first introduced by the French film critic Andre Bazin and means “putting into the scene” (Bordwell and Thompson, 2008). Mise-en-scene has many elements to it .The three aspects of mise-en-scene I will be looking at are the following lighting, figure expression, and settings. There are many other aspects to mise-en-scene but I will be touching on these three in my analysis of how they play a role within the opening sequence of Sixth Sense to set up a narrative expectation for the remainder of the film. To start off my analysis I shall start with lighting and how M.Night Shymalan incorporates it into the film to set up a narrative expectation. The opening sequence of the sixth sense features a light bulb which gradually lights up to reveal a darker surrounding and it is then revealed that Anna Crowe as the person who has turned on the light bulb so she can descend the stairs safely to get a bottle of wine from the wine rack but before this is revealed the camera lingers on a close up shot of the bulb gradually heating up and giving a sense of eeriness to her surrounding which leads to us as the viewer to think of ghosts and other creatures that reside in such light as well as setting up suspense until it revealed that it is just Anna Crowe coming to get wine but her surrounding are still dark as the light bulb only serves to bring some light to the dark cellar. We then move upstairs to where Dr. Malcolm Crowe is waiting for his wife and immediately we are taken away from the suspense that was being built up downstairs to a warmer scene with a lit up fireplace providing warmth as well as serving to take away the suspense that was built up downstairs in the cellar. While lighting is
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