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'Sixpence Katherine Mansfield' Can you please explain the story from tip to toe referring to quotations. this story is on the following website: can you please refer to metophors, similies and other linguistic techniques throughout the story. etutor answers: This is quite a humorous story with a touch of sadness. The main focus of the story is Dicky, a mischievous boy who for some reason decides to play up. His mother, advised by her friend, Mrs Spears, asks his father to beat the child for his naughtiness. The boy's father is very reluctant to do this but is urged on by his wife. He slippers the boy for his bad behaviour but, because he feels so guilty about it, gives the boy a sixpence. Despite that, he still feels that he has done something terribly wrong in beating his son. Some points about the language: 1. Look at the words used to describe Dicky when he is 'normal' - for example, 'affectionate, obedient, and marvellously sensible ' and what his implied by the metaphoric term 'mad dog' - like he is an animal out of control. 2. In the following, look at the use of active verbs which show how full of energy and mischief the boy seems to be (hiding, running, dodging): But Dicky wouldn't come. Oh, he heard right enough. A clear, ringing little laugh was his only reply. And away he flew; hiding, running through the uncut hay on the lawn, dashing past the woodshed, making a rush for the kitchen garden, and there dodging, peering at his mother from behind the mossy apple trunks, and leaping up and down like a wild Indian. Also note the simile 'Like a wild Indian, as though he has become something untamed and different to his normal self. 3. Look at the words in the following which convey a sense of drama that is almost violent: Dicky had suddenly seized the bread plate, put it upside down
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