Six Sigma Green Belt

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Green Belt Certification Test There are two parts. Part I : Max Marks - 40 and Part II : Max Marks -60 Name..Chandraprasad Hejib Personal ID. No. . TAPMI Roll No. 10218 Part I Answer as many Questions as you can. Maximum Marks : 40 1. Identify a tool that is typically used in the measure phase of Six Sigma DMAIC, and is useful in developing high level process maps. A SIPOC B Cause and effect diagram C Hypothesis test D FMEA 2. If you find the cumulative line in a Pareto chart as a straight line, it means: i) Presently there is no problem to initiate corrective actions. ii) The contribution from each successive bar is almost the same. iii) Perhaps you need to re-visit the data capturing methodology by re-grouping the problem. A i) is correct. B None of the choices are correct. C All of the choices are correct. D ii) and iii) are correct. 3. For a skewed distribution, which of the following is a better indicator of the central tendency? A Mean B Variance C Standard deviation D Median 4. The cycle time for processing customer checks were analyzed for the last 200 cases. The mean cycle time was 10 minutes and standard deviation 2.5 minutes. What is the coefficient of variation? A None of these answers B 40% C 25% D 12.5% 5. An Individual control chart has been established with control limits of 3.245 and 3.257 with central line at 3.251. An engineer collects the following sample and plots points on the control chart: 3.255, 3,252, 3.254, 3.252, 3.253, 3.252, 3.253 A. The process mean has shifted B. the process is not out of control C. The engineer misused the control chart D. the control limits are incorrect 6. Which of the following is not part of sequence during the “Data Collection Planning stage”? Checking for new data requirement, • Collect the actual data, • Determine type of data & stratify, • Create

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