Six Flags Mission Statement

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Six Flags founded in 1961 in Arlington, Texas currently employees more than 28,000 people both full-time and seasonal amongst “their 18 properties located in remote parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada according to the website (, 2014)”. When founded Six Flags it got its name and themed the different areas after the different flags that have been flown over the state of Texas which have made claim to this country such as France, Mexico, Spain, Texas, United States and even the Confederacy then eventually branched out to the many different properties who have their six flags. Six Flags always wants to live up to its mission statement or mantra which is their employees giving guests Friendly, Clean, Fast and Safe Service. In their latest annual report in 2013 the company reported that its revenue was over one billion dollars (, 2013).” Here in the fifth week of the needs assessment being conducted on behalf of Six Flags the main focus surrounds the collection…show more content…
The reevaluation of Six Flags training is very necessary and is supported by research conducted which there is a link between training and expecting organizational and human resource success. Research according to the text states that “companies which conduct training are highly likely to have a more positive human resource outcome and greater performance outcomes (Noe, p. 234, 2013)”. When determining the needs for training and who needs it, the knowledge and skills that needs to be taught/trained on and specific timeline that the training needs to be completed could be adjusted to meet the exact needs of the company as well as its

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