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Six Events Described of the Build Up to the French Rev Essay

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The National Assembly was formed on 17th June consisting of the deputies of the Third Estate, who claimed they represented most of the nation and had the right to decide taxation and other affairs and this attracted the clergy to join the Third Estate. The Tennis Court Oath was taken in 20th June in a tennis court in Versailles, where the deputies of the National Assembly swore they would not disperse until France was a constitution, which challenged the authority of the King.
The National Assembly and the Tennis Court Oath
June 1789

The King’s reaction and the dismissal of Necker
June 1789
Necker wanted the King to hold a séance royale (a session of the Estates General held in the presence of the Monarch); however Louis continued to ignore the events that were happening. On 23rd June, the séance royale was held and Louis said the decisions the deputies had made were unacceptable and didn’t want the privileges of the First and Second estate to be discussed.
However, he accepted some changes to his power such as no taxes on representatives of the nation, abolishing the lettres de cachet and taxes such as the gabelle and corvee.
On 24th June, more of the clergy joined the Third Estate and the next day even the Nobles. So the King decided that the nobles and clergy should join the Third Estate and vote for their Head. Louis then decided to send in troops into Versailles who were loyal to the Crown and the King and his advisors attempted to dissolve the National Assembly but the revolt of the Parisians stopped this from happening.

During fall in 1789, bread prices began to rise where a Parisian worker would pay 88% of their wages on only bread. The riding bread prices caused hardship and unrest amongst the Parisian population as they couldn’t afford to buy other things. A rumour had started that a wallpaper manufacturer named ‘Réveillon’ was going to reduce wages to workers. This sparked outrage in the population that they had started a violent...

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