Six Core Values Of AIESEC

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AIESEC SUPPORTERS: • European Commission, Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture • Ashoka • Career Innovation • IUCN- International Union for Conservation of Nature • EABIS: European Academy of Business in Society • EAIE: The European Association for International Education • EBBF: The European Bahá'í Business Forum • EBS: European Business Summit • EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development • Future Considerations • United Nations Global Compact • GRI: Global Reporting Initiative • Instyle • JCI: Junior Chamber International • JA: Junior Achievement • Pioneers of Change • SoL: Society for Organizational Learning • Taking IT Global • Tallberg Foundation • Transparency International • World Economic Forum • WWF: World…show more content…
The organization rises youth that have will and opportunity to make a change in society. It’s the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. 2.5 CORE VALUES Following are the six core values of AIESEC: • Activating leadership • Demonstrating integrity • Living diversity • Enjoying participation • Striving for excellence • Acting sustainably 2.6 MANAGEMENT AIESEC consists of 126 youth-run member committees around the world. They each manage and deliver youth programs which are made possible by thousands of partner organizations and active volunteer and full-time members. Each committee facilitates the running of AIESEC on a global, national and local level. 2.7 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Organizational structure of AIESEC is very complex so I have defined it into two charts. Chart 1 consists of AIESEC international structure while chart 2 consists of AIESEC IN BAHRAIN organizational structure. Diagram 1: Organizational chart 1: AIESEC international structure Diagram 2: Organizational chart 2: AIESEC in…show more content…
And is responsible for keeping public relationships. Outgoing exchange: This department is responsible for sending interns abroad, Opens the windows towards international network. Outgoing department is responsible till the interns reach abroad country and comes back, they guide them throughout the journey. Talent Management: This department choose several people and help them grow and turn them into future leader. Finance and general secretary: this department is responsible for overall financial system. They examine everything including cashflow, project budget,daily expenses etc. Manages all the money and belongings and keep them safely. External Relations: Responsible for forming partnerships, build trust and make it long lasting. Managing Relationship with companies, sponsorships and all. Incoming exchange Global community development program: Responsible for incoming interns from different countries over all world. Look for impactful foreigners. Find NGOs or people that’s seeks helpful

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