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Situation This article is written by Malcolm Gladwell, who is a well known author. He does work as a journalist for The New Yorker magazine and is famous for some of his bestselling books such as The Tipping Point and Blink. Gladwell takes a firm stand in this article as a critic who believes something needs to be done about head injuries in football at all levels. He goes as far as to lean towards outlawing the sport all together because of its risk of causing injury to the players. Through this article, Gladwell attempts to reach out to high school, college, and professional level players alike to warn and inform of the possible long term dangers of concussions. As well as players, the author is speaking to the general public, relaying the knowledge to inform them of what they are supporting by watching and following the…show more content…
The whole idea of dog fighting seems a little obscure when thinking towards the main point of the argument. Not until the end is the true reason of including Mike Vick and dog fighting revealed. If dog fighting is not allowed, why is football okay? Both activities involve putting a living creature in the ring or on the field, knowing they are going to experience injury, yet we still do it. If dog fighting is outlawed due to this reason, football should be discontinued as well. The author employs these ideas brilliantly to prove his point but there is one major flaw in this argument. The flaw is that a dog is put into the ring by his owner and has no say in it, and receives no benefit from winning a fight. On the other hand a football player is put on the field by the coach, but the player does have a say in it. If a player simply does not want to play anymore, he has that option. Also a football player is directly compensated with payment for stepping foot onto the field. This is a point that makes the two activities very different in nature and changes the argument all

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