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SISTER FLOWER CHYAUNDRA LEVETT ENG121: English Composition I (PTD1438C) DEBORAH BUSBY 09/30/2014 In Maya Angelou's "Sister Flowers" a little girl finds encouragement from the woman she idolizes, Mrs. Flowers. Mrs. Flowers provides Marguerite with attention and with feelings that are most essential for the development of a child - self-respect, confidence, and the feeling of being liked. A little girl grows up to become a great writer, and remembers Sister Flowers with great admiration as the woman who changed her life. Similarly, in my life there's someone who helped me become a better human being. Her name is Betty Friedan and she's the person responsible for the Modern Women's Rights Movement. As a married woman with 3 children, Betty Friedan devoted all her time to being a wife and a mother. Her life as a homemaker led her to develop a theory on women. It concerned the dangers of the idea that women should be completely satisfied with their roles as wives and mothers and that somehow it was abnormal to want a career or an identity separate from the family. But women did want more out of life. It was not that they wished to give up their families, they simply wanted to use their well-developed minds for more than just deciding what to cook for dinner, or which detergent is better. After finding out(by mailing out questioners) that she wasn't the only one being unhappy with the role of women in society, Friedan wrote an article and sent it to the leading women's magazines, but it was rejected with the response that only "sick" women could possibly feel dissatisfied with being full-time mothers and wives(Friedan, It Changed My Life). But Friedan knew otherwise and turned her article into a book, which took 5 years to complete and was called The Feminine Mystique. Thought she had not planned to start a revolution, Friedan began the modern women's liberation

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