Sister Carrie Essay

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Sister Carrie Paper DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 Objective To be able to generate a carefully constructed and persuasive historical interpretation in an essay. Assignment In a 1500 word essay, you need to answer the below question and create an argument that supports your thesis. Based on your reading of Sister Carrie and the understanding that the book is a work of fiction answer the following question and address all of the following points: 1. How difficult was it to escape poverty in the late nineteenth century? Were people stuck or trapped by the social and economic forces of the day? A. Remember to integrate a critical analysis of the author’s perspective and assumptions into the main body of your text. (Does the text accurately portray the period, does he have a political agenda, ect.) B. This is a work of historical fiction, please remember to address the usefulness (or not) of such work throughout your paper. C. Support examples from Sister Carrie and your assertions about those examples with additional information from textbook and lectures. General Instructions Construct a thesis-driven argument and support your position with specific examples. Remember to include specific examples from the novel as well as examples from lectures and the textbook to support your assertions about the book. Remember to CITE all quotes and references to specific ideas. You may use any FORMAL citation method. Points will be deducted for lack of citations or improper citations. Late papers will be penalized 10 pts per day. Papers with less than 1475 words will be penalized. See rubric for more requirements. You may complete this assignment in several ways. You may base it solely on Dreiser’s interpretation, you may focus on one or more characters to illustrate your point, or you may do a mix of both. Remember to stick to the text and always
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