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That One Sister I have two sisters, a little brother who is not little anymore, a loving yet a skeptical father and a caring mother who is also the iron lady of the house. However, i have that one sister, who i really look up to, and that person is my eldest sister. Unlike other people's sister, my eldest sister is just an ordinary woman and has nothing; no degree certificate, no permanent job and does not own a house. Nevertheless, she is still my cup of tea even though she is nothing to other people's eyes, she still takes it as a challenge and tries to push herself to stand at another level. Yes, it is true, my sister's life is not extraordinary unlike those successful people out there, but that is the thing that i fond of, the ordinary, the simplicity of her life. She is the plain jane in our family that has gone through lots of ups and down. If there is one word i can label her in her academic life is, unlucky. It has nothing to do with her intelligence, she is just unlucky. My sister flunks in her academic life. From primary school to university, she did not get the chance to impress my parents or even us, the siblings with her results. To me, that is the main reason she is a successful person now. Just like any other typical Asian parents, they would of course, nag or rant at their kids for not getting good result. My sister of course, had to face with the same consequences. The thing here is, i saw her trying, i saw her putting effort in studying but it just that, it is not her luck. Being lucky or not that is not the matter, the most important thing that i learn from my sister is, never give up. Those are such a cliche statement but to me, those words are very powerful and meaningful. This is because, if it is not because of her optimism and determination, i do not think my sister will be able to live by now and she will be probably a nuisance

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