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Story of a Princess: It was the date of January 25th, 1999 when a princess was brought into this world. Her name was LaShea. She had two elder sisters, whom were ever so close to her heart. Every person enjoyed LaSheas’ company; she was so outrageous so everyone felt an instant connection whenever they even looked at her. LaSheas’ beauty was remarkable and could never be replaced, she was a natural beauty. When she was born it was as if an angel just entered the planet and landed right in front of her families face; breathtaking. Now, she is fourteen years old and as healthy as a peach. As a child, LaShea was the funky clown. One day she had found a bouncy ball, would sit on it and push out farts. Whenever everyone started laughing she knew that she was going to be spontaneous and hopefully never care what anyone thinks about her personality. She was always hilarious whenever it came to taking chances to make someone laugh. No matter what even though she never understood what she was doing to peoples’ lives, LaShea would help a million people out of horrible predicaments. As she grew up and started to go to school, she was the social there and would help other people make new friends instead of it just being all about her. She had the mindset of putting everyone else before herself. This was perfect at time but other times her “friends” would betray her, putting her on the backburner. Being so young it did not matter who she had to please because when you were little it was the most careless points in her life, if she loses one friend she doesn’t notice and it never bothers her. Once she lost one friend and it went unrecognized there would always be another who would come along and replace the forgotten one. LaShea is an exhilarant woman and is always on top of her work. LaShea is independent; never relying on anyone else to push her all she has to

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