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5.0 MARKETING PROGRAM Marketing is defined as the activities that are carried out systematically to encourage and increase sales of products/services as long as the activities are in line with religious and ethical practices. So for this section, a marketing plan of Buddies Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd is displayed in a written document that describes company advertising and marketing efforts for the coming years. It also outlines the specific actions intend to carry out to interest potential customer to convincing them to buy our fertilizer products. A marketing plan may develop as a standalone document or as part of a business plan. Either way, the marketing plan is a blueprint for communicating the value of our product or services to customers. It will cover annual marketing plan and solid marketing strategy to revenue business opportunities in one or up to three years. 5.1 Marketing Overview Marketing is a societal process that is needed to understand consumer’s wants. For example, focusing on a service to consumer wants. In general, marketing overview will analyze type of marketing, marketing size and sales projections. Buddies Organic Fertilizer SdnBhd has do some research in order to get information about current market for marketing fertilizer to wholesalers around Melaka. Based on company research have done, our company have more competition in quality of marketing in Melaka and this product is one of the highest needed in agriculture field. Every business will not be controlled or run by only single company. It is important to identify main competitors in order to know whom the business is sharing the market with and to develop appropriate marketing strategies to compete with rivals. Basically, the marketing strategy consists of four important element, product, price, promotion and place or generally known as the 4P’s. 5.2 Marketing Program The

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