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Abstract As a boy, he was taught by his father about politics. He was raised by a man who was very successful in the cotton business, but also had a hand in the politics at the time. It was a time when law enforcement did not exist, but rather, it was the military that stepped in when riots got out of control. It was apparent that something needed to be done. Sir Robert Peel made his way through politics, and climbed the ladder until he was seen as a man of great importance. It was during his time of importance that he made the change in law enforcement that is still the basics of today’s law enforcement. Sir Robert Peel He was born to a cotton manufacturer, and later became one of the most recognized men in politics during his time. His father gave him an aristocratic education at Harrow and at Christ Church, Oxford (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2004, Sir Robert Peel, p. 182), and after his graduation, he was bought a seat in Parliament in which his political career began. At age 22, Sir Robert Peel became undersecretary for war and colonies, only to become chief secretary for Ireland just two years later. He stayed as chief secretary for six years before taking a parliamentary seat at Oxford and becoming home secretary two years later and serving for nine years. It was his position as home secretary where he would change law enforcement as it was. The Beginning of Law Enforcement Before Peel’s big change to law enforcement, there were many ideas to keep crime under control. One of the first was the King’s notion that any crime against any individual was also considered a crime against the crime, and therefore punishable by the king. Later, England’s regions divided into shires, which are equivalent to a county in the United States currently, which was divided into a hundred families and further divided into 10 families. Each group of the families was

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