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The Impact of Sir Robert Peel on American Policing and its history CJA/214 December 19, 2011 The Impact of Sir Robert Peel on American Policing and its history Three names are generally associated with the development of the first modern police force in England, Henry Fielding, Patrick Colquhoun and Sir Robert Peel. Henry Fielding is credited with two major contributions to the field of policing. First Fielding advocated change and spread awareness about social and criminal problems through his writings. Second he organized a group of paid non uniformed citizens who were responsible for investigating crimes and prosecuting offenders. The group was called the Bow Street Runners, who were paid through public funds that emphasized crime prevention in addition to crime investigation and apprehension of criminals. While citizens responsible for social control used to simply react to crimes, the Bow Street Runners added the responsibility of preventing crime through preventative patrol, changing the system of policing considerably. Patrick Colquhoun developed the science of policing in the late 1700’s. He suggested that police functions must include detection of crime, apprehension of offenders, and prevention of crime through their presence in public. Sir Robert Peel is credited with establishing the first modern police force in England under the Metropolitan Police Act, a bill passed in Parliament in 1829. This act created a single authority responsible for policing within the city limits of London. The force began with one thousand officers divided into six divisions, headquartered at Scotland Yard. The officers were uniformed and introduced to new elements into policing that became the basis for our modern police in America. The County Police Act of 1839 allowed for the creation of similar police forces in other localities, where responsibility and

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