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Amanda Sunny Brown BUS 412 - Nutt Case Analyses II – Sir Richard Branson * Discuss how Sir Richard Branson embodies a transformational leadership style. a. The transformational leadership styles is describes in our book as “including three factors – charisma and inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration – that, when combined, allow a leader to achieve large-scale change.” (Nahavandi, 2012, p. 193) Sir Richard Branson is passionate about change and expects the same from his employees. According to our book, Virgin, Sir Richard Branson’s company, has taken on everything from cell phones to space travel. (Nahavandi, 2012) Mr. Branson is also quoted as saying “It’s extremely important to respond to people, and to give them encouragement if you’re a leader.” (Nahavandi, 2012, p. 196) This quote clearly falls in line with transformational leadership and the development of personal relationships via individual consideration. Mr. Branson uses the Leader-Member Exchange Model, as is common with individuals who participate in the transformational leadership style, to challenge and build each team member up to organizational standards. He places trust in them on large projects and delegates work, after being immersed in it himself (Nahavandi, 2012) 2. Transformational leaders need to be skilled at change leadership. Given that Branson is a devoted visionary and constantly launching new initiative, how does he overcome employee resistance to change? a.) Listening to employees and truly hearing them is a core leadership value of Sir Richard Branson. Change can be overwhelming to employees. Knowing the company’s owner “hears you” when you are frustrated can make the difference between an employee quitting, or staying put and seeing the change all the way through. Sir Richard Branson also stops employee resistance to change before

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