To Sir With Love Essay

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To Sir With Love: First, let me begin by stating that I thought Sidney Portier did a fantastic job in the role of Mr. Thathery. The similarity versus the differences in working with today’s adolescents is the objective in viewing this film. I would like to begin with discussing the differences. First of all, in my opinion it is obvious that there is a difference in attire, although Mr. Thathery did address their attire. I believe that the trends of the times would dictate that, to some extent of course. Obviously there are those adolescents who are extreme. Also, I need to make note of the period of time. There were more open prejudices back then, I would assume since civil rights movement in the states was prevalent. I may be a bit naive, but I did not appreciate the way Mr.Thathery was treated in the beginning of the film by the other male teacher. I did not think that the students were prejudice, until they had an issue of going to their classmate’s mother’s funeral. I was surprised by their behavior, and I do not believe that we would see this today. Maybe, I am incorrect by that statement but I grew up in Bronx, NY, and went to a very diverse school system. I never remembered disliking somebody because of his or her skin color, or nationality. I am not denying that prejudices existed, but I looked at people with that attitude as having lack of knowledge. In addition, the students’ surroundings were predominately all white. They lived in a city, but today I would think that most city environments would be more integrated. Now, let me discuss some of the similarities. I may have a slight advantage because I have a twelve year old myself. Adolescents are a time of transitioning to early adulthood. It is a time of independence, not having to answer to adults, becoming responsible for one’s self, (in some degree). These students wanted to
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