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Community Psychology Theory, Method and Practice SOUTH AFRICAN AND OTHER PERSPECTIVES by Mohamed Seedat (Editor) and Nor man Duncan and Sandy Lazar us (Consulting Editors) 1 The text establishes a major milestone in the history of psychology in South Africa, being the first indigenous volume devoted in large part explicitly to community psychology in the local context. How refreshing to be able to identify and engage immediately with South African contexts, issues and examples, to grapple directly with local questions, contradictions and issues of theory and praxis, and to interrogate the relevance-of-psychology debate from various vantage points. The text is a collection of writings from 32 authors reflecting a rich diversity of perspectives and plurality of discourses (Marxist, feminist, activist, and narrative, to name a few) in community psychology. Structurally, the 19 chapters are organised into four thematic sections focusing on theoretical and paradigmatic considerations, methodological considerations, practice in community psychology, and perspectives from elsewhere. The chapter titles reflect the expansive range and topical nature of the volume: and challenges Chapter 10: Social Programme Evaluation SECTION III Chapter 11: Public Health and community psychology: a case study in community-based injury prevention Chapter 12: Dealing with injury control and safety promotion in complex environments Chapter 13: Community psychology and the problem of policing in countries in transition Chapter 14: Gun violence as an issue of community psychology in contemporary South Africa Chapter 15: Consciousness-raising groups as an intervention strategy against gender oppression Chapter 16: Investing in the young for a better future: a programme of intervention Chapter 17: Social policy and community psychology in South Africa SECTION I Chapter 1: Community

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