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Primary and Secondary sources- Canada at the Turn of the Century to WW1 Visual primary source, Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B. [pic] A-Notman, William, 1826-1891. The name I linked previously was the author of this source. He was the photographer and he worked with Sir. John A Macdonald for many shots. P- There is no exact place or time shown but with further reserch I concluded that this photo was taken in Montreal Ottawa in Sir John A Maconalds house. It was taken for the Queen around june 1868. P- Something that I already know about this topic is that Sir John A Macdonald lived in Ottawa. I knew he was the prime minster of…show more content…
I believe this is great picture of him and that it screams leader. R- This picture was created to show how good and put together John A could get. It says even though he spent a lot of nights in a bar or as a “boozehound” he could still look nice and rule a country the right way. T- The main idea of this picture is to potray Sir John A Macdonald in a postive light. A picture says a thousand words and this picture says that his a strong independent ,put together leader, who is ready to take on the politcal spectrum. S- This Picture shows signifgance because it shows who was in control at that time. It shows that he is a very important man who could rule a coutry. It also shows how things were like back then. It reveals the way photograpy was, the way people dressed and the way people acted. The way the world has developed amazes me. This information did not seem bias and I believe he was a very good ruler and overall good…show more content…
The correspondence between Member of Parliament Edward Hale and his wife Eliza provides one of the richest resources for the history of the Eastern Townships during the 1840s. There are also paintings, articles of clothing and home furnishings from the Hale Family in the McCord collection. This letter, dated June 2, 1840 and sent by Edward Hale from Montreal to his wife in Sherbrooke, was written "crossed", with the lines intersecting at right angles to save paper and postage. P- 1829-1851. P- I don’t know much about this topic but I do know writing letters to people was a very common way to express yourself in that era. Now a day’s people send texts or emails but that was the only way of communication during that time. A- The audience of this letter was private. It was meant just for Edward hales wife only that’s why it was sent as a private letter.

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