Ideas of Chivalry and Knighthood in 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'

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The ideal of chivalry and knighthood is deeply grasped by Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and portrayed as flawed. Within this display of knighthood it is recognizable that human nature simply ruins knighthood. This is the key image that is taking place in the background throughout the entire narrative poems. This image is the basis for all the events that fall into play and eventually foreshadow an imminent downfall. The downfall may be imminent but its not going to happen just yet. Chivalry is thriving while every single driving force is human which undoubtedly inherits human nature. Due to this setback, knighthood is almost false hope. In the poem, Gawain accepts The Green Knights challenge and beheads him. The Green Knight picks up his head and reminds him about their deal and to tell him to go to The Green Castle. This event here is evidence of human nature. A mans pride can boast ones ego so large that the ego collapses on itself. After which Gawain realizes what his dealing with, and his ego starts to crumble. Gawain’s true loyalty to the codes of chivalry is put to the test and the true knight is revealed. Because of human nature, Gawain breaks several of the codes in order to benefit himself. Gawain appears to be an ideal knight in many ways. Gawain fits the perfect description for the ideal knight. He is big, strong and the kings first knight. He follows the chivalry codes and is always victorious. However since he is always victorious, his virtues are never put to the test. Gawain remains being the perfect ideal despite being enormously flawed. Gawain is also unopposed for the title of the ideal knight. There is nothing to compare him to therefore he is unquestioned. This is another way that Gawain acquires the status of being the ideal knight. Gawain rides under a victorious reign that requires only half a man to win. The

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