Sins and the City Essay

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Introduction The Police department has received several complaints in one specific district in the area of 7500 Commercial Row and with strip of restaurants, clubs, and retail stores. During the day it is a busy strip and in the evening hours it turns into a nightmare for the police officers with crimes such as vandalism, reckless driving, and drive by shootings. Analyzing the situation in the 7500 Commercial Row will be the first step to decrease the crime rate; the police department will identify the areas and the peak hours. Respond or react to the problems in the district and develop solutions to react against vandalism and reckless driving, and other crimes. When the police department implemented this plan, it can be adjusted to fit the needs of the community. Scanning Business owners on 7500 Commercial Row complained to the police about several issues on the strip. The types of business on the strip are bars, restaurants, clubs, and a mall. The owners have complained to the city police department on several occasions. The problems on the strip are fighting, drive by shootings, drinking in the parking lots, and racing on the strip. The officers who patrol the area can only be at one place at a time. These problems are costing the owners thousands of dollars in vandalism. Some owners will lose money because of these fights and drive by shootings. People will stop coming to this area, and the owners may have to close their business. These problems are serious, and the police have responded to this area several times throughout the week. The individuals who cause the problem mainly are juveniles and young adults. Therefore, most of these incidents happen on the weekend. Juveniles have no school on the weekend, so they can hang out late hours of the night. Most

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