"Sinners.." Literary Analysis

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Jonathan Edwards' purpose for writing Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is to explain how people need to be aware that God is the only person savying them from hell. People don't recognize this and feel that God is soley protecting them from sickness and danger. In effect, God is building a warath of madness that can become loose at any moment. Edwards' use of metaphors in the passage was to portray the power that God has. These mataphors sent a message to his audience back then, and convey a powerful meaning to society today. Jonathan Edwards uses very intense metaphors to depicct the reoccuring idea of God having the ultimate decision. One of the metaphors in teh passage is that "natural men are held in the hand of God over the pit of hell." The word "pit" gives hell an endless depth, which goes along with the use of "hand" and to make it seem that this small part of the body is the only thing saving everyone. The reason for the author choosing these words is to establish hell's gruesome quality. Another metaphor used is one that describes God's ability to save as "a spider's web would have to stop a fallen rock." "Spider's web" provides a delicate meaning to the sentence. Edwards wanted to prtray the idea of how small god's hand is and how easy it is for him to remove it. The author also uses a metaphor to describe God's wrath like great waters that "increase more and more and rise higher and higher until an outlet is givven." Edwards uses repetition of the words "higher" and "more", which give this phrase a pwerful connotation. The author's reason for repeating such words is to show how dominant God is and how much power he truly contains. Jonathan Edwards purpose for using such mighty metaphors is to show how strong God is and how easy it is for him to send people to hell. Back in his era, the author's story and use of metaphors impacted his audience
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