Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry G-D Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis In his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry G-d”, Jonathan Edwards talks about the necessity of being saved by G-d. By using repetition and diction, he tries to convince the “Natural Men”, or people who believe in G-d but do not attend church, which have yet to be saved, to live a Puritan life. He appeals to their emotions of fear and anxiety which will act as inspiration for the men to get closer to G-d and maybe attend church, before they wall into the pit of hell. Edwards uses different rhetorical devices in his piece in order to strengthen its purpose. Continually, he uses the symbolism of G-d’s invisible hand holding the “natural men” over the bottomless pit of hell and how G-d is the one who has full control on their lives and all he has to do in order to send them to hell is let go of them and they will be lost for perpetuity. In a…show more content…
Moreover the words “immediately” and “swiftly” show people how quickly the paths of their life could be changed by G-d, and make them feel a vital aspiration to convert before they face an everlasting punishment. By using theses words, Edwards stresses the amount of G-d’s power over human life to convince the congregation that if they don’t convert, they will be vulnerable and destined. The dread and anxiety that Edwards creates act as motivations for the natural men to turn to G-d. In this piece, John Edwards successfully places diction, repetition and other rhetorical devices to convince the audience that the Puritan religion is a necessity if an individual wants to avoid an everlasting punishment. The dread and anxiety he creates with those rhetorical strategies influence the worshippers into adapting the Puritan way of
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