Sinking of the Lusitania

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Sinking of the Lusitania WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA AND FOR THE LOSS OF SO MANY LIVES? CAN THEIR ACTIONS BE JUSTIFIED? As the ‘greyhound of the seas’ made her maiden her voyage across, the Atlantic Ocean, no one knew what lay ahead, why so many innocent lives would be taken. ‘Every soil has its secret of which we carry an unconscious image in our soul’. This quote by C. G. Jung, describes perfectly what was happening ninety seven years ago. The Lusitania was 750ft long, weighed 32,500 tons and carried 1,257 passengers and 650 crew members. The Germans and the British kept secrets from each other, of the two adversaries who were to blame for the sinking of the Lusitania? By investigating events of May 7th 1915 maybe a conclusion can be reached. A few days before the sinking of the Lusitania, the German Embassy had released a statement that would warn travelers about the risk they would face when embarking on the voyage. Captain Schwieger, commander of the German U-20, claimed he had seen the passenger liner from a distance, giving the order to advance on the ship. German official’s claim that only one torpedo was fired upon the Lusitania, whilst the American and British personnel claim, that the second explosion was a second torpedo hitting the passenger liner. Captain Schwieger watched on through his periscope and observed the Lusitania; as it rolled to the starboard (right) side, and sank within 18 minutes. With a ‘cloud’ of war hanging over their heads, Sir Winston Churchill wanted to be prepared and made a decision to transform the passenger liner Lusitania into a ship that would meet the specifications of the British Admiralty. In a dockyard in Liverpool the Lusitania passenger ship was fitted with gun mounts under the decks to conceal them. The Passengers knew nothing about the hidden guns nor about the ammunition collected in
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