Single-Sex Schooling Essay

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A proposal in the education system that has been looked at is that of single-sex classrooms. This is where boys learn in one classroom with one teacher and girls learn in another. Educators are taking a closer look at this idea because of the belief that students obtain a better education through this type of schooling. Changing schools into having single-sex classrooms would have an effect on children’s learning today. Girls who are already enrolled in single-sex classes tend to speak more freely in class, are more confident, have higher self-esteem, and are not afraid to raise their hands and ask questions (UNESCO 2007). They are not distracted by the opposite sex and worried about what they look like during class time. Teachers of single-sex classes can strategize their teaching methods to focus in on the interests of the particular sex they are teaching and also discuss certain things that only one gender would feel comfortable talking about. Elaine Lewinnek, a sixth-grade girls' teacher, brought in the pictures of Cro-Magnon sculptures to spur discussion of how the concept of female beauty changes over time, how ancient images compare with the thin women in the media today, and how such images affect girls' perception of their own bodies, topics that she said would have been tougher to tackle in a coed classroom. ''I'd be wary, in a mixed class, of showing statues of naked women and trying to talk about body image,'' Ms. Lewinnek said. ''It's safer with all girls'' (Lewin). Single-sex classes would allow students to discuss freely about certain topics without the risk of being made fun of by the opposite sex. It has been found that the way a boy learns differs from the way a girl learns. Boys are more active at a younger age, so a teacher that teaches an all male class would most likely implement interactive lessons or lessons that make the boys get up and
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