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Single Sex or Coeducation Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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October 22, 2013
Single Sex or Coed Education
In recent years, there has been an increased interest in single-sex education. Many people have begun to voice their opinion on the matter, some believing it is beneficial, and others arguing it is disadvantageous. In the article “The Bizarre, Misguided Campaign to Get Rid of Single-Sex Classrooms”, the author argues that single-sex education is the solution to many of America’s educational flaws. The author gives multiple arguments supporting the notion of a single-sex schooling environment. She gives evidence stating that girls and boys learn differently, and that single-sex classrooms allow each gender to thrive without distraction. The author also acknowledges the many arguments against single-sex education. Proponents of a coeducational schooling system believe isolating boys and girls is extremely harmful to their development, and that it reinforces gender stereotypes. Each of these arguments have strengths and weaknesses, but neither is fully correct. The true solution to this education debate lies between the two arguments; single-sex classes offered in a coeducational school system.
The argument supporting single-sex education has many strengths. In the article “The Bizarre, Misguided Campaign to Get Rid of Single-Sex Classrooms”, the author is a strong proponent of keeping classrooms single-sex. The author gives two main advantages to having single-sex classrooms. First, studies show that boys and girls learn in completely different ways. The author explains “Boys and girls, taken as groups, have different interests, propensities, and needs” (Sommers, 1). This means that children in coeducational facilities are being taught very inefficiently, because the school has to keep material relevant for both boys and girls. On the contrary, at single-sex schools the material can be tailored towards a specific gender. The next main advantage is that single-sex education increases student achievement. The author...

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