Single-Sex Education vs. Coeducation

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Argumentative essay: Single-sex Education vs. Coeducation Tsz Wa Tsui (Willy) The Pennsylvania State University Single-sex school vs. Co-education school Single-sex education is an approach in which education that males and females are taught separately. This kind of approach has been argued in the past as better than the co-educational schools. There are a lot of reasons and evidence to imply that single-sex schools provide a better environment for students in different ways. People may say students cannot socialize with opposite sex in single-sex school, which could affect their social skills in the future. However, achieving better academic results is always the priority for students. school is a place for teenagers to learn to contribute to the society and academic takes a more important role than social skills. Moreover, single-sex schools have been known for better academic grades (Kay, 2012). Therefore, I believe single-sex school is a better approach for schools comparing to co-education school. First of all, although co-educational schools can provide opportunities for students to communicate and interact with opposite-sex, students can be easily distracted by opposite sex at the same time. Girls and boys are different, in terms of how they learn and how they think. Both of them can be easily distracted by the opposite sex, not only from relationship but also dramas, especially for girls. Drama and relationships play huge roles in co-educational school. As teenagers reach their puberty, they all want to find a relationship so they all want to show their best side of themselves to attract opposite-sex (Edison, 1982). Moreover, boys do not want to be feminine, and then they will hide their interest in art and music so they cannot completely utilize their talents (Edison, 1982). Other than that, drama always occurs in

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