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Single Sex Education Essay

  • Submitted by: Marylicious
  • on January 19, 2012
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Single-sex education has been in existence for a long time. It has been quite popular in Private schools but not very popular in public schools. There have been many critics of single sex schools but many parents tend to like it because it creates more educational options for their kids to choose from. Therefore single sex education is helpful and should be legal.
According to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Single sex education is constitutional which means that it is legal. Another reason why it is legal is because “The 1972 Title IX equity law explicitly protects single-sex academies, and Title IX regulations permit single-sex programs in coed schools that are voluntary and provided equally.”   (Christiana Hoff Sommers)   They should be legal because they are schools too and people should have the right to choose either to go to these schools or not go to these schools and because “We know that single-sex schools and classes can help young people, boys and girls, improve their achievement.”   (Rodham Clinton)
Single sex education reduces gender stereotypes and discriminations. Even though critics claim that “single sex classrooms would likely generate and exacerbate stereotyping and sexist attitudes”   (Richard Fabes)   they fail to realize that it is infact Coed schools that tend to promote this. This is because at Single sex schools, there is no pressure from either sex to compete with each other. Girls do not have to compete with boys to prove that they are better than boys at math or boys have to compete with girls to prove that they are better than girls in any other particular subject. Single sex schools encourage girl’s interest in games like soccer, football e.t.c which are often stereotyped as a male’s   game and boy’s interest in games like softball, cheerleading and tennis which is often seen as girls game.
Lastly, Single sex schools eliminate distractions from the opposite sex, helping students focus more on their studies. With the absence of the...

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