Single Replacement Reaction

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Single Replacement Reaction Introduction: The objective of this experiment is to observe what happens when a two different single replacement reactions. Single replacement is a reaction in which a free element replaces a part of a compound. All the reactants will be put in a small test tube. From there we have to make an observation on each step concluding what’s about to happen when both of these reactants are placed together in the small test tube. The purpose of this experiment is to record its physical properties and how the reaction reacts.. During the lab, my hypothesis toward this experiment was that the reactants was going to be successful and turn black. Materials: -Copper Sulfate -Zinc -Zinc Sulfate -Hydrochloric Acid Equipment: -Two test tube -Wood Splints -Graduated Cylinder -Matches -Two Watch Glasses -Goggles Data/Results: Observations: Observation 1 Copper Sulfate Liquid and it turned into a blue green color. Observation 2 Zinc was placed The solution starts to become silver, hard and rock lie. Observation 3 Copper acid was added. The solution starts to turns into a black color. Observation 4 Zinc Sulfate was placed into the test tube Green bubbles starts to come out. Observation 5 Hydrochloric Acid was added It turned clear and into a liquid solution. Observation 6 Zinc was added Silver, rock lie, and hard. Observation 7 Hydrogen Gas was being performed. Observation 8 Zinc Chloride White bubbles started, and still has solid. Discussion: During the experiment we had to pour into the test tube 5 ML of Copper Sulfate Solution. Once this was done it started turning into a blue green color. Next, Zinc and Copper Sulfate combined which there was gas bubbles and the color changed into blue green color. Later, when Hydrochloric Acid was being combined gas

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