Single Payer Healthcare Advantages

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The Good, The Need For, and the Fear of a Single-Payer Healthcare System. University of Phoenix: Axia College With the continuing debate over healthcare reform, there are many misconceptions related to the Single-Payer system. Through this essay I will examine the best aspects of a Single-Payer system, the need for Single-Payer system and the consequences of not having that option, and the fear associated with and propagated on behalf of the healthcare reform and a Single-Payer system. A Single-Payer system is vital for the success of the lower and middle class in the United States as their medical bills continue to bankrupt them. There are many positive effects of the Single-Payer healthcare system that the communities, the…show more content…
In most industrialized countries when adults reach the proper age for retirement, they are able to without any thought as to where their healthcare is going to come from. (Stewart, 2008) Many people choose to continue working past the retirement age, and by doing so continue to contribute to the system in many cases more than other people because the salary that they make is much higher than someone who has only been there a few years, and has little experience. The benefit of extended working careers is that the pool of money available for healthcare related expenses grows allowing the government more leverage for negotiation where the companies only concerns are for profit, earnings, and share holder revenue. In a private system as with the one the United States has, the revenue pool of the private insurance companies are dwindling as more and more Americans are losing their coverage due to the loss of employment or the increase in living expenses. Those who continue to contribute to the system are contributing to the stability of the healthcare that is being provided to the…show more content…
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