Single Payer Healthcare Essay

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The Good, The Need For, and the Fear of a Single-Payer Healthcare System. University of Phoenix: Axia College With the continuing debate over healthcare reform, there are many misconceptions related to the Single-Payer system. Through this essay I will examine the best aspects of a Single-Payer system, the need for Single-Payer system and the consequences of not having that option, and the fear associated with and propagated on behalf of the healthcare reform and a Single-Payer system. A Single-Payer system is vital for the success of the lower and middle class in the United States as their medical bills continue to bankrupt them. There are many positive effects of the Single-Payer healthcare system that the communities, the nation and the economy benefit from. These benefits are seen in many forms and affect the living conditions within many cities and states around the country. Much is felt in the form of better health, increased workforce, and more tax payers contributing to the economy. With the healthcare situation such as the one currently being experienced in the United States, where citizens are left to fend for themselves in a largely unregulated healthcare system, many of these citizens are bound to fail. This failure is to be contributed in part to the scrutiny that every insurance claim is given upon submission to the insurance companies, who many have entire departments with the sole purpose to deny claims and cancel policies. Many of these departments focused on application discrepancies and if found would then cancel the entire policy on grounds of fraud1. With the current healthcare system that the United States has, many citizens cannot get insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions or unemployment. In the current recession being experienced in the United States, many people refuse to see a doctor, rather than get minor

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