Single Payer Health Care Benefits

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English 1301 S25 Prof Gilpin 29 November 2010 Spend More, Save More There are many illnesses and diseases around the world. Many of these illnesses and diseases are hereditary and/or chronic which means they are long lasting and recurring diseases and illnesses. Families all over live without medical care. These families do not have access to it because they simply cannot afford it. Has Canada Got the Cure by Holly Dressel explains why a new medical plan needs to become active. Throughout the years new medications and prescriptions have been developed extending life expectancy, but for these families who cannot afford medical care they go without. Most of the developed countries use a single payer plan, while the United States uses…show more content…
Sure people can say what they want about the quality and delivery system of a single payer plan, but if they remember Canada uses a single payer plan and its citizens life expectancy increased drastically that same year. It is understandable that some ignorant people are afraid of change but change is needed in order for the world to function. If the single payer plan was insufficient, unsustainable, and inequitable the government and nurses would not be behind it. “Many liberals in America dream about single payer plans. Even if they acknowledge that a single-payer plan cannot be enacted, they still think it’s the best reform.” (Emanuel Ezekiel p.38) Emanuel doesn’t believe that the single payer plan is going to be effective but he does think that America should have a Universal health care, he seems to think that the single payer plan is for liberals. Health care should have nothing to do with political side rather about the main priority which is the health of
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