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Trevor Atkins English II Single Parenting I think it's important to think positively about any circumstances in which we may find ourselves. From the outside single parenting may not seem to have many advantages, but if you look a bit closer you will find some positive aspects of being a single mother. From my point of view having had experience as a divorced single mother; being a lone parent is far better than being in an unhappy or abusive relationship.
There are several disadvantages to single parenting; from loneliness, to financial pressures. These can make single motherhood more of a challenge, but it is possible to live a happy and fulfilled life as a single parent. Bring love into your life again. Workshops for divorced and singles on "The Art of Attracting your Ideal Partner". Simple tools and practical skills to help you turn a dating relationship into a love relationship.
What are the negative effects of single parenting? In this article on single parenting I look at the different negative effects of single parenting; both on the parent, and on the children. I discuss whether these effects are directly caused by the single parenting scenario, or more by the divorce and emotions surrounding it, or even other factors. I talk about the effects and suggest ways to overcome them. Affects are emotions. In this article I look at the different emotions which may come into play in the single parent household and how these may effect the relationships within the family. I talk about the possible emotions that the single mom may be feeling; and those of the children. I also suggest ways in which we can work towards moving away from the negative emotions, and feeling positive emotions more frequently. These articles about single parenting will give you a good overview of the single parenting situation, it's pros and cons, and some useful

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