Single Parenting Essay

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About 36 percent of Children in North Carolina live with a single parent (singlemotherresource). Single parents are people who practice raising child or building a family without a partner or spouse. Society views single parenting as a problem because they do not think that single parents are capable of raising a child alone. Some people are against single motherhood because most outcomes are bad for society. Men are more likely to say that single parenting is bad for society because they believe that women are not capable of raising a family alone. The majority of single parents in the NC live below the poverty line. A lot of them have financial problems and their children may suffer emotionally and physically. Single Parenting is a social problem because the parent and children may suffer and it will lead to a bad effect on society. Most single parents rely on government assistance to support their family. Single-parents families can no longer be viewed as non-traditional families (Ketteringham). It may be now viewed as a traditional family; which is thought to be a normal family in society. Single Parent families are everywhere and they are increasing rapidly. In the US, single parent households numbered over 12 million in the year of 2000 (Ketteringham). Single parenting is now becoming a norm in todays society. Single parent families are created by divorce, out of wedlock, separation, desertion, births, adoption, death of a parent, as well as through other exigencies (Kinnear, 1996). The divorce rate is increasing rapidly. Single parenting due to divorce means that the divorce single parent will have the primary custody of the child or children. The single parent will handle the major responsibilities, but the other parent can still be involved. Most likely the mother will become the single parent and the father will be the one that supports the child.

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