Single Parent Household Essay

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Julia Clarkson Beth Tyner English 101-12 22 March 2012 Single Parent Household Today there are more children raised by single mothers than a two-parent home where there is a mother and a father in the home. Many women are very independent and no longer have to rely on men. Being a single parent is hard and very stressful sometimes. There are times a single parent does not know what he or she is going to do from day to day. How will he or she pay the light bill, or will she have enough gas to make it to work this week? Single parents are the best parents in the world; they love their kids unconditionally, and there is not anything they would not do for their kids. Being a mother is a very hard job. The children are always looking to the parent to provide everything, even when there is no hope of providing what they really want instead of what they need. Children look up to their mother especially when there is only one parent in the household to be there through whatever the situation they may be going through. Single parents are called the baby boomers of the nineties and there are so many of us who are raising our children alone. Behind the working hours of a single mother, her work is never done. She has to manage, construct and support her family. Society would like to think that kids raised by one parent would either end up in jail or pregnant with many kids. Society also thinks that most of our boys would be in prison before they become a men. The thought of it is just sad. Parents have to set boundaries for themselves and their kids. There are plenty of untrue myths about single parents; we are all not raised in the ghetto and we don’t sleep with married men in order to feel wanted. Single parents are women who happen to be with the wrong type of men. They were thinking of the pleasure for the moment not thinking what the outcome will be. The
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