Single Parent Families Essay

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Abstract This paper examines are single parent families a major cause of social dysfunction. Many debate whether or not that children begin raised in single parent families will turn out ok. While there are many effects of having one parent in the home then begin raised in a two parent home. Society believes that children in one parent homes are going to grow up with so many emotional and behavioral issues which will lead them to gangs, violence, teen pregnancy, and doing poorly in school. When you hear the phase single parent what comes to mind? Single parenting does not necessarily mean the children are from broken home. Sometimes it is better to give a child a stable and peaceful environment, Instead of the parents arguing all the time in front of the child. Separated parents are ready to take the responsibility of their children. A child can get the best of both homes. Begin a single parent is no longer looked down on, in fact now it’s the opposite. Tradition is being broken by the new types of families in today’s society. “In 2002, 16.5 million or 23 percent of all children were living with their single mother.” (Davidson, 2004, pg 1, Para. 5) In today’s society begin a single parent is more common than in later days, more man and women are the bread win’s of their house hold. Most single parent families come about because of a divorce, widow, or out of wedlock. “According to many social commentators, poverty, along with myriad other social pathologies, is the direct result of the increase in single motherhood, especially among minorities. This view however is sexist and racist.” (Sklar, 1993, pg 1, Para. 1) Single parent families can still be strong and healthy families sure there are some drawbacks, but there are some positive outlooks that come about from being in a single-parent family setting. Children
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