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SINGLE PARENT The effects of being a Single Parent Introduction to Computers SINGLE PARENT Being a single parent can be tough on the parent as well as the children. The impact on the children in a single parent home can include behavioral and psychological issues. Amato and Keith (1991), “internalizing problems such as anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and inhibitions”. Holden (1997) argues that “externalizing problems can occur in children such as being noncompliance, acting out, and being aggressive”. Children that parents are divorcing can experience sadness, grief, intense anger, and irrational fears. Pre-Teens and Teenagers often feel insecure, lonely, and sad. Some engage in risk-taking behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, sex, theft, and violence. Others may develop eating disorders, become defiant, skip school, or join peers who are engaging in risk-taking behaviors. Children need to be able to express their feelings to an adult who listens attentively. Counseling can provide children with a caring adult who, unlike their parents, will not be upset by their feelings. The Impact on the single parents can lead to depression. The cause is from having one income in the household, poor living conditions, and how the daily schedule will work out. Other meltdown can include anxiety, confusion, mixed emotions, and decrease energy. SINGLE PARENTS REFERENCES

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