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Maria Rowell Nancy Friends WED-110 4-28-2013 Life as a Single Parent No one ever imagines themselves raising a child or children as a single parent, but for whatever the reason or circumstance it happens. Being a single parent can be very challenging, yet at the same time very rewarding. Some of the challenges that single parents struggle with are financial strain, balancing time and having to play the role of both mother and father. Single parents may seek supplemental help from the government. The Department of Economic Security (DES) provides assistance for single parents or low-income families. DES helps with health care, food and daycare assistance. In the article “Understanding the Complexity of Attitudes of Low-Income Single Mothers Toward Work and Family in the Age of Welfare Reform,” Marcella Gemelli talks about the two main ideas behind welfare reform were to encourage paid work and two parent families. Ideally, most people want to raise their children in a two parent home, unfortunately some people do not have that luxury. The stories from the mothers interviewed for this article suggest that while they valued work and wanted to work, to combine work with being a “good mother” was difficult to accomplish. “It's funny that low-income women or women living in poverty can stay at home and be a bad role model, but a middle class mother or wealthy mother is not a bad role model when they stay home. It's like America has two standards and it's based on class. Why can't a mother who lives in poverty have the same things as a middle-class mother?” (Gemelli). Furthermore, an article in the local newspaper, “The Yuma Daily Sun,” Mara Knaub – sun staff writer states that in Yuma county a single mom with two young children must earn at least $19.48 per hour to adequately meet the family's basic needs without public or private assistance. The

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