Single Mothers Raising Sons

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Single Mothers Raising Sons Angela Thomas Abstract The raising of children can be a challenging task when it is only one parent, the mother. It can be an even more hard job when a mother is raising and upbringing a son in this society. Children need both parents in the house, but a mother attempting at her best to raise, up bring, and instill what a father should be there to do can be difficult. Single Mothers Raising Sons In today's society it is becoming more of the norm to see single women raising children. This is not right or fair for the children growing up, because both parents should be in their lives daily to help in the upbringing. What is sad to see is a single mother raising children, doing her best, but lacking the other half of the "Parent Team", what is even more disturbing is to see a single mother trying to raise a son in this society that we live in, knowing that has to be a difficult task. Teaching a Boy to Be a Man Growing up as a kid you were use to seeing two-parent households, you saw the mothers tending to the daughters and the fathers tending to the sons. Both parents played in the raising of their child(ren). As time has passed it has become normal to see a single mother raising her child(ren). It is painful to see a single mother taking care of a son without a father because a women cannot teach a boy to be a man. Only a man can teach and nurture a boy into a man. Different Teaching Methods As girls are raised and taught by their mother they are taught different things in life that will carry them as they grow into women. Boys need the same teaching, but from a man preferable their father. A mother has common sense knowledge that she can instill into her son, but everyday things like how to play sports, handle girls, bullying etc. needs to and should be taught by their father. A boy can hear what a mother is saying to them
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