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Most people don't plan on being single parents. There are a small percentage of women who are making it a choice to be a single mother, but that is not the typical scenario. The truth is that if you are single parent, you most likely got there through either divorce or the death of a spouse. The shock of these situations may make it difficult to get a foothold on successful single parenting, but not impossible. Ingredients For Successful Single Parenting *A dependable income *Multi-tasking skills *Patience *Community and family support *Faith in yourself A Dependable Income Raising a family takes money. Many women struggle to make ends meet when they are single mom parenting, even when they work. Whether the income comes from child support payments, a steady job, a business, renting a room in your house, or even family support doesn't matter. Children take an enormous amount of financial resources to nurture and raise. From the minute they are using diapers to the day they are asking for money for school trips and special outfits, children are expensive. The best way to meet that challenge is to have a dependable income. Multi-Tasking Skills There is no doubt about it. If you are single parenting, whether you have an infant or a teen-ager in the home, multi-tasking is a must. You might be called upon to chauffer the kids to and from daycare or school, arrange their lunches and medicines, set up backup pickups in case school lets out early or the child gets sick, and then go to your job. Patience It takes a lot of patience to raise children. It's amazing how little appreciation a single parent gets. Single parenting is a full-time job with no pay and the benefits show only after years of service. The children may sometimes also become exasperated with the difficulty of the situation at times. Have patience with them and with yourself.

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