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“Mom” the famous word, at which I love to hear. My daughter and son is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being their mom may test me at times, but I always seem to be able to pull through it. Being a single mother is very hard, but also very rewarding at the same time. When I decided to have my kids I knew without a doubt in my mind that I would do for my children as much that is humanly possible to give them the life, unconditional love and everything they deserve. Every single mother has some kind of doubt when trying to do everything alone, it’s just taking those doubts and fixing them and knowing you can do better. . I try to do more than humanly possible as a single mom by trying to juggle school, and work, which takes very good time management. As a single mother I try very hard to succeed in everything I do especially with school. I have a hard time finding time to study and do homework while I have my kids which makes it very hard, because it just makes me even more stressed. I have to find time to be able to actually go to school and attend my classes with my children, especially my son. My daughter goes to school but my son is just in daycare at the same time I am at school, so I have him pretty much 24/7. I have no time alone except when they go to bed to actually get anything done. It is very hard but I can normally manage. I just work on what I can while he’s napping or after they go to bed at night time. Sometimes I even stay up all night just to make sure it gets done. Working as a single mother gives me very little time to spend with my children. I had to learn and get used to the fact that I had to manage my time between what I have to do, including spending time with my kids. Some people work for themselves, but others work because they have to and need to. I personally work as hard as I do because I want my children to grow up

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