Single Life Vs Married Life

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Unit I 1) What is the first level of higher education? The first level of higher education is Community College 2 years of Education. 2) What degrees can be earned at this level? The degrees that can be earned at this level is A.A (Associate in Arts), A.S (Associate in Science) 3) This level is sometimes called a __2__year institution. 4) The second level is sometimes called a __4__ year institution. 5) What degrees can be earned at this level? The degrees that can be earned is B.A (Bachelor of Arts) and B.S (Bachelor Science) 6) What is third level? The third level is University System. 7) What additional degrees can be earned at this level? The additional degrees are the follow: PH.D (Doctor or Psychology),advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry an law. 8) (Yes) (No) Will the instructor of a course automatically drop you if you stop attending? It is not true. The Instructor can not drop you. 9) What is the only dumb question? The dumb question is “The question you do not ask.” 10) List 3 things you should know about your Professors. a. Professor’s name b. Location of their offices c. Office hours 11) How many times do most College students change their majors? The students change their major 2 to 3 times. It’s only an average. 12) What are the two types of requirements students must fulfill? General Education and Major requirement. 13) Why it might be a good idea to take GE classes first? Because GE classes will be required and helpful regardless in your major. 14) What is an educational plan? An Educational plan is the list of classes that you need to take in order to complete a particular major. 15) Mr. Bronson says “ It’s not anyone’s job to tell you; it’s your job to ask.” 16) List three typical forms used by students to make changes a. Adding b. Changing names c. dropping 17) To prepare for most careers, is it better to
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