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Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2013 English Language School-based Assessment Teachers’ Handbook TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Notes on Changes to the Handbook Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Assessment Framework 1.2 Aims and Objective Assessment Requirements 2.1 SBA Requirements 2.2 Mandatory Assessment Conditions 2.3 Setting Assessment Tasks 2.4 Guidance in Assessment Process 2.5 Assessment Criteria Guidance in the Conduct of the SBA 3.1 Provision of Information to Students 3.2 Guidance from Teachers 3.3 Authentication of Students’ Work 3.4 Within-school Standardisation 3.5 Inter-school Sharing Sessions 3.6 Handling Queries against Assessment Decisions 3.7 Record Keeping Administrative Arrangements 4.1 Participating in the SBA 4.2 Absence from Assessment 4.3 Students with Special Educational Needs 4.4 Submission of SBA Marks 4.5 Declaration Requirements Moderation of SBA Marks 5.1 Rationale for Moderation of SBA Marks 5.2 Moderation Mechanism Malpractice 6.1 How to Handle Malpractice 6.2 Prevention of Malpractice A. B. Roles and Responsibilities of the HKEAA, EDB, Schools and Students Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisor, District Coordinators Page 1 1 2 Chapter 2 5 Chapter 3 14 Chapter 4 18 Chapter 5 20 Chapter 6 21 Appendices 23 25 C. D. E. F. G. H. I. and School Coordinators Calendar of Events Channels of Communication Assessment Record Forms Framework of Guiding Questions Summary of Teaching and Learning Process Recommended SBA Practice Teachers’ Guidelines for Student-oriented Criteria 27 29 30 34 35 36 39 Preface This Handbook serves as a guide to schools and subject teachers for administering school-based assessment (SBA) for English Language at their schools for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary

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