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Ozone layer Ozone (26k jpeg) was first discovered in 1839 by German scientist Christian Friedrich Schonbein.It is a pale blue, relatively unstable molecule made up of three oxygen atoms.The ozone molecule is angular, polar, and diamagnetic.Both oxygen bond lengths (1.28 angstroms) are identical.It is formed from molecular oxygen (O2) by ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photolysis followed by recombination of atomic oxygen (O) with O2. It may also be formed by passing an electrical discharge through gaseous oxygen.It is characterized by a unique odor that is often noticed during electrical storms and in the vicinity of electrical equipment. In fact, the term ozone is derived from the Greek word ozein which means "to smell."The density of ozone is about 1.5 times that of O2.At -112 degrees C it condenses to a deep blue liquid. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and, as a concentrated gas or a liquid, is highly explosive. Excess oxygen atoms, also known as free radicals, oxidize materials that they contact and are associated with the aging process. | Formation of the Ozone Layer One billion years ago, early aquatic organisms called blue-green algae began using energy from the Sun to split molecules of H2O and CO2 and recombine them into organic compounds and molecular oxygen (O2).This solar energyconversion process is known as photosynthesis.Some of the photosynthetically created oxygen combined with organic carbon to recreate CO2 molecules.The remaining oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere, touching off a massive ecological disaster with respect to early existing anaerobic organisms.As oxygen in the atmosphere increased, CO2 decreased. High in the atmosphere, some oxygen (O2) molecules absorbed energy from the Sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and split to form single oxygen atoms.These atoms combined (27k jpeg) with remaining oxygen (O2) to form ozone (O3)

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